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The Farm

A shot of the farm from a grain binGlacial evidence abounds at and around One Step at a Time Gardens! The rolling hills on the farm, rich soils and wet areas are all indicative of the farms’ connection to past glacial era. Located in southern Hancock County in North Central Iowa, we are right across the road from East Twin Lake, a natural, glacial wetland and upland woods complex. Our glacial past shaped and molded this area into one of Iowa’s most beautiful spots!

This terrain has worked to our advantage as we have woven our fields among the hills and shrub and tree plantings. The diversity at the farm creates microclimates and attractive homes for animals that are an asset in our system.  We farm right along with frogs and salamanders, songbirds, waterfowl and raptors, and a range of beneficial insects that help in the gardens. We have added 45 acres of permanent cover, including prairie grasses and flowers, shrubs, trees, and restored wetlands, since we moved here in 1990.

Laura Jackson's book The Farm as Natural Habitat offers numerous examples of "working landscape" case studies and is a fit description of our farm. The farming practices we employ are consciously selected with an understanding that this farm is part of the larger ecosystem of our area.

The farm and neighboring public areas are busy all summer with activity. We invite our farm members and friends to come visit the farm and explore this beautiful area.

Recreation opportunities here include canoeing or kayaking on East Twin or West Twin Lakes, bicycling around the lakes or hiking throughout East Twin woods. In the fall, hunting is a favorite activity in the area.

A large wind turbine project is located just east of the farm. We use the direction of the blades to tell us the direction of the wind. This below picture looks east from our farm, revealing the typical landscape all around us.

A landscape photo

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