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The Hope

One Step at a Time Gardens is committed to raising healthy food and hope.

Raising healthy food...
Sustainable life choices come in many forms. We believe food - how and where it is grown, and the eater and farmer connection - is an important first step.

We farm in a way to protect the health of our members, ourselves, and the land. We rotate crops, feed the soil with compost and cover crops, apply physical barriers, and use biological products. We do not apply synthetic fertilizer or pesticides. Our goal is to promote health, integrity, and cooperation through growing food for people we know and care about. We provide our farm members with naturally raised, fresh, high-quality vegetables. We also offer several additional items to expand your access to locally grown products. Our Weekly Note keeps members posted on the food, farm, and people making the food possible. We offer opportunities for members to come to the farm.

Check elsewhere on our website for many details about our products and the people.

The hope...
Together, with our members and many organizational partners, we are discovering the hope that lies in the subtle complexities of reconnection with food, land, and people. Through our many years as a community-based farm, we continue to experience the dynamic ways local and regional food system revitalization serves the broader community.
We invite you to learn more about the local food work going on through these important lead organizations:

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